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Members of the Environmental Information
Services Working Group (EISWG)


Dr. Walter F. Dabberdt
Director for Strategic Research & Chief Science Officer
Vaisala/President, American Meteorological Society

Ms. Nancy Colleton
President/Executive Director
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies &
Alliance for Earth Observation


Dr. Philip E. Ardanuy
Chief Scientist
Raytheon Information Solutions

Mr. Ronald J. Birk
Director, Civil and Miliarty Systems, Business Development
Northrop Grumman Corporation Aerospace Systems

Dr. Ann Bostrum
Professor, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Affairs
University of Washington

Dr. Eric Grimit
Senior Scientist
3TIER, Inc.

Mr. Eddie Hicks
Director, Morgan County Alabama Emergency Management Association

Dr. Ronald McPherson
Executive Director Emeritus
American Meteorological Society

Mr. Barry L. Myers
Chief Executive Officer
AccuWeather, Inc.

Dr. Peter P. Neilley
Vice President for Forecasting Operations, Research and Development
Weather Services International, Corp.

Mr. Warren Qualley
Senior Weather Engineer
Advanced Weather Systems, Harris Corp.

Dr. Kelly T. Redmond
Research Professor, Regional Climatologist for Western U.S.
Desert Research Institute, Western Regional Climate Center

Dr. John Snow
Regents’ Professor of Meteorology; Dean Emeritus
Collebe of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, University of Oklahoma

Mr. John Toohey-Morales
Director and Chief Meteorologist
ClimaData Corp.

Ms. Jean E. Vieux
President, Vieux, Inc.

Dr. Robert Weller
Senior Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Mr. Joel M. Widder
Federal Science Partners LLC,

Dr. Julie Ann Winkler
Professor, Dept. of Geography
Michigan State University

Mr. Robert S. Winokur
Retired (NOAA, Navy)

SAB Liaison

Mr. Robert S. Winokur

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