The Science Advisory Board seeks public comment on NOAA's response to the Research Review Report. This draft report is only being issued for comment and is not intended for interim use. Suggested changes will be incorporated, where appropriate, in the final report being submitted to the NOAA Administrator.


Please follow these instructions for preparing and submitting your review comments. The format below will facilitate the processing of reviewer comments and assure that your comments are appropriately considered. Please provide background information about yourself on the first page of your comments: your name (s), organization(s), area(s) of expertise, mailing address (es), telephone and fax numbers, email address (es). Overview comments on the section should follow your background information and should be numbered. Comments that are specific to particular pages, paragraphs or lines of the section should follow your overview comments and should identify the page numbers to which they apply. Please number all your pages, (on the upper right hand of each page,) and have your identifying information at the top of each page.

DATES: Comments on this draft document must be submitted by OCTOBER 23, 2005 [30 days from the date of report publication.]

The public comment period will end OCTOBER 23, 2005.

The Evaluation of NOAA's Response to the Research Review Report(PDF Format)

All comments SHOULD be sent electronically to:

or mail them to:
NOAA Research, Science Advisory Board,
c/o Ms. M.Whitcomb,
Silver Spring Metro Center Bldg 3
Room 11419,
1315 East West Highway,
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910.

If further Information is needed, please contact: Ms. M. Whitcomb (phone number 301 713 2454 x 173), during normal business hours of 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.


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